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Scott Aerator

Helping support healthy ecosystems and dazzling displays, We are proud to offer Scott Aerator's full Line of Products. A healthy pond or lake attracts great wildlife, while an unhealthy pond is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, algae, stagnant vegetation, and dead fish. Scott Aerator Fountain's and Boilermaker's Aerators provide horizontal and vertical circulation, as well as add oxygen to the water, helping provide and support ideal conditions for a healthy and beautiful ecosystem. Scott Aerator are world renown for their timeless elegance and style, offering a wide variety of beautiful fountains to customize the perfect look for your pond or lake. Scott Aerator also offers The Muck Blaster (for cleaning up your mucky pond or lake), LED Lighting, De-Icers and more! Here at The Eco Store, we are proud to offer Free Shipping at the Lowest Price Guaranteed.

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