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Ecoflow River 600 vs Ecoflow Delta 1300


We’re workin on it! Even though as a society we still consume and pollute, here at the Ecostore, we are trying our best to help minimize the extent of our carbon footprint and yours too! In order to do so, we have been curating a list of some of the best brands and products in the renewable energy market! An all time favorite and industry leader for Solar generators and panels, Ecoflow has been consistently crushing the competition since their release of the Delta 1300, and we couldn’t be happier to work with them. With a whopping rated max output of 1,800 W and a capacity of 1,260 Wh at just the size of a small cooler or microwave, the Delta 1300 is a stalwart companion on any serious campground. However, with their recent unveiling and subsequent release of the River 600 and the River 600 Max, Ecoflow has demonstrated to the public yet again that they are not done reshaping the power-station market. This article aims to help YOU, dear reader, which of the two is best suited for your needs!

-Delta 1300 Overview-

Starting off with Ecoflow’s original, the heavyweight champion of its class; the Delta 1300. With one of the highest capacities of any solar generator, and by far the highest max output, the Delta is a beast. Featuring an extremely easy-to-read screen, and a bunch of output ports, the Delta is the iPhone ProMax of its class; extremely powerful, sleek, and super intuitive to use. With six AC ports, four USB-A ports, and two USB-C ports, this compact generator will keep any of your devices charged; from your phone to your Tesla, the 1300 has your back. With two sturdy carrying handles on either side, two people can easily split the load for portability’s sake! Despite that and all its power, the Delta is light enough -at just 30lbs- to be carried by virtually anybody anyways.

Ecoflow River 600

Ecoflow Delta 1300

-Delta River 600 Overview-

Weighing a third of the weight of its larger counterpart, the River 600 is the iPhone Mini of its class; small, sleek, yet somehow way-more-powerful than one might expect. At just 11lbs and barely the size of a toaster, the River 600 sports three 600W AC outlets, capable of powering some devices up to 1800W (with X-Boost mode on) and a surprisingly potent 288Wh capacity. —Not to be outdone by themselves, Ecoflow gives users the option of adding an extra battery to the unit, doubling up its capacity from 288Wh to 576Wh. With its impressively compact size, this River 600 can still charge up to 10 devices.

-Weight Vs Power -

While more powerful, the delta 1300 is bigger and slightly bulkier than its smaller successor, on the other hand the River 600 Max saves space and weight at the cost of power, but with the added bonus of saving a cool $700. For more day-to-day usage, the River 600 or River 600 max should be more than enough to satisfy your average consumer or overnight camper. However, for your more serious enthusiast or (average Floridian dealing with hurricanes) the Delta 1300 will definitely afford much more leeway in terms of backup power. With pros and cons to both, the decision is ultimately up to you, so what will it be dear reader?
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