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Creality CR-10 MAX 3D Printer

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Creality CR-10 MAX 3D Printer

  • Super Large 3D Space Expands Your Creative Possibilities:CR-10 Max has a super-large molding size of 450*450*470mm to give you more space for turning your wonderful ideas into reality.
  • Golden Triangle for Great Stability:A pull-rod is innovatively added to the gantry frame of CR-10 Max to form a stable triangular structure so as to reduce errors due to the vibration of Z-axis during printing.
  • Dense Matrix Measurement Point, Precise and Automatic Leveling:High print success rate and worry-free result are guaranteed by matrix auto leveling, comprehensive measurement point, precise induction and dynamic leveling compensation.
  • Different models of nozzles for quick and efficient printing:CR-10 Max features two models of nozzles to cater to different printing requirements of different users. 0.4mm nozzle for precise molding and 0.8mm for full feeding and speedy molding.
  • Rapid heating up of the entire platform. 100% Real Size:The Hardware of the CR-10 Max is upgrade to allow for heating up and printing models as large as the platform to truly achieve large-size printing. Rapid heating up brings about better printing experience.
  • Dual output power supply. Split-flow power supply for stable performance:CR-10 Max has teo power supplies for motherboard and hotbed respectively by way of teo-way output and split flow to reduce electromagnetic interference to motherboard when the hotbed is powered by single power supply.
  • Featured accessory smooth feeding:CR-10 Max is featured by blue high temperature resistant Capricorn Teflon tube that is not easily being blocked for smooth feeding and printing efficiency.
  • Industrial extrusion structure Double drive for rapid feeding:CR-10 Max adopts a BONDTECH gear extrusion structure. Double drive gears provide a large thrust for robust feeding. High density gears and tightly fitting materials help avoid slippage and filament grinding
  • Double Boost effect Rail-type transmission:Y-axis is designed with double transmission belts and a double-axis motor with strong momentum for stable transmission and printing precision.
  • Sensitive Sensor. Real time detection:CR-10 Mx is newly added with a material shortage detection switch for highly -sensitive deduction. Automatic suspension in case of material shortage achieves energy conservation and consumption reduction.
  • No more power outage. Intelligent and material-saving:CR-10 Max is equipped with power supply protection device. The Machine automatically continues executing print orders after rebooting without damaging prints when a power outage happens unexpectedly. All for a better user experience.


Molding Tech: FDM
Printing Size: 450*450*470mm
Nozzle Diameter: Standard 0.4+0.8mm
Precision: ±0.1mm
Layer thickness: 0.1-0.4mm
Nozzle Number: 1
Nozzle Temperature: ≤250℃
Hotbed Temperature: ≤100℃
Working Mode: Online or TF card offline
File format: STL\OBJ\AMF
Slicing software: Cura\Simplify 3D
Filaments: PLA/PETG/TPU/Wood, gradient-materials, copper-containing materials
Display Device: 11.5KG
Display Device: 4.3 inch touch screen
Machine Power: 750W
Parameters of Power Supply: Motherboard 75W, 24V, Input: 100-240V AC, Output:24V Hotbed 750W, 24V, Input:100-240V AC, Output:24V

CR-10 MAX Videos:


  • 1. If the printer cannot be opened,or damaged when delivered

Or the seller sends the wrong goods / products are inconsistent, you can submit a request within 30 days to return , and get a full refund.

  • 2. About 3D printer products.

Creality provides free replacement of extruder kits within 3 months, and provide a 1-year warranty for all major parts including the motherboard, motor, screen display and hotbed.

Please contact the online customer service in advance for any return request for damage.

Regarding the returned printer, we do not undertake the shipping costs if it's not the printer itself problem, and if the return to China is required, we also do not take the tax that may occur.

  • 3.Except for logistics reasons.

If the customer does not want/the customer directly rejects the package/returns for personal reasons after delivery (must be in a new state), you may need to bear the freight sent by the seller and the cost of the package return.


We are pleased to offer free shipping to the continental US. If you are outside the continental US, send us a message at and we may be able to help.

Orders typically ship within 24-48 hours. US Ground Shipping takes 2-5 Business Days. If you have any questions about shipping or warranty/returns policies, email us at


If your problem cannot be resolved over the e-mail or through the application of software updates, Creality3D will arrange for accessory replacement if the problem falls under this Limited Warranty. For quality-related warranty claims, items will be replaced with a factory refurbished model of equal value when available, otherwise a new item will be sent. Warranties on all replacements follow the same warranty timeframe of the original defective item. The warranty of the machine remains unchanged. Accessories: motherboard / nozzle Kit / hot bed board / display / BL touch kit, enjoy 30 Day Warranty < Standard 30 Day Warranty > Note: Hot Bed Stickers / nozzles and other consumables are not covered by the warranty if they are not caused by machine failure

Creality CR-10 MAX 3D Printer


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